Apple Juice & Cinnamon Kombucha

As if kombucha by itself wasn’t healthy enough. We have found another tweak to the traditional kombucha recipe that will increase your vitality further. Remember that apple cider you had last summer? Well it’s similar to this but with the added fermentation base and essentially a whole lot healthier. This apple, cinnamon and kombucha recipe brings the sweet spice of the cinnamon and fruit flavour of the apple and combines them to make a very refreshing summer kombucha recipe.

Using organic apples instead of your traditional apple juice is a definite recommendation here. Apple from concentrate has simply lost alot of the health benefits of a whole store bought apple and tastes much better too.

 Apple Juice & Cinnamon Kombucha Recipe Instructions:

  1. Select & dice your apple (preferably organic) add it to the pot, one apple per 500 ml of kombucha.
  2. Add organic cinnamon two teaspoons per 500 ml of kombucha. Note if you are using cinnamon in a stick format please add one stick per 500 ml of kombucha.
  3. Add your kombucha product from our recipe and pour over your organic apple and cinnamon.
  4. Please be aware to make sure to leave a head of room in your pot for fermentation to occur properly.
  5. Vacuum close your pot or glass container and allow for 4 – 8 days of fermentation. Be sure to check your kombucha within this period for your desired amount of carbonation.
  6. Empty your pot or glass into a typical strainer to remove all remnants of apple or cinnamon.


  • 1 large organic apple, diced per 500 ml of kombucha
  • 2 tablespoons of organic cinnamon.
  • Enough of our kombucha product to fill your pot remembering to leave a head gap for fermentation. 

Recipe tip:

Enjoy with some mint and great company over a hot sunset 🙂