Cherry and Almond Kombucha Recipe

Using cherries for flavour depends on the type of cherries incorporated into the recipe, some being sour, others being sweet – this can also be dependant on the season. Cherries and almonds actually come from the same family, prunus, to which is a genus of trees and shrubs of which include these two ingredients. So it’s no wonder these two work well together.

For a fruity twist to a traditional and plain kombucha mixture, be sure to try this cherry and almond kombucha recipe. A safe and simple combination, you’re sure to enjoy.


cherry and almond kombucha recipe

Cherry and Almond Kombucha Recipe


  • Kombucha
  • 12 Cherries
  • 12 Almonds


  1. Create an unflavoured standard kombucha following our recipe.
  2. Thoroughly wash and pat dry cherries.
  3. Remove stems and pits from each cherry.
  4. Cut each cherry into half or smaller portions.
  5. Place an equivalent of two pieces of cherries into each bottle.
  6. Ground whole almonds using a food processor.
  7. Place 1/8 tspn of almonds into each bottle or an equivalent of two full sized almonds into each bottle.
  8. Pour in the kombucha into each bottle leaving enough room at the top (recommended: 1-inch).
  9. Close lid and tighten. Leave in a dark room for fermentation process to occur for at least 3 days.
  10. After this process, serve and enjoy. Refrigerate to store.