Coconut and Peach Kombucha Recipe

The subtle taste of coconut coinciding with the strong fruity taste of peaches gives that extra push of energy when starting your day with a drink like this. A drink filled with various health benefits added with this flavour is sure to keep your body healthy and happy.

This easy to follow coconut and peach kombucha recipe allows you to make this drink yourself to experience this great taste whilst receiving vital nutrients your body needs.

coconut and peach kombucha recipe

Coconut and Peach Kombucha Recipe


  • 2 Peaches (2-3 slices per bottle)
  • Shredded Coconut (1/8 tspn per bottle)
  • Kombucha

peach and coconut kombucha recipe


  1. Make an unflavoured standard kombucha following our recipe.
  2. Wash and remove skin and pit of peaches and slice into thin pieces.
  3. Add prepared peaches (2-3 slices per bottle) and coconut (1/8 tspn per bottle) to each bottle.
  4. Pour in kombucha to the mixture of peaches and coconut in each bottle.
  5. Place lid on each bottle, tighten, and allow to ferment for 3 days.
  6. Pour and serve; refrigerate to store.

Enjoy this refreshing beverage year round with family and friends!