Fresh Peach Kombucha Recipe

Opt for the peach fruit for your drink with its tangy, sweet and juicy flavour by using fresh peach kombucha recipe. A single flavour diffused into your kombucha, allows you to enjoy the wonderful taste this fruit brings forward, in its entirety.

On a safer note, as long as you love a peachy flavour, you know you’d definitely enjoy this peach flavoured kombucha. A refreshing drink, perfect for a hot summers day. Try this peach kombucha now using our recipe found below.

peach fresh kombucha recipe

Fresh Peach Kombucha Recipe


  • 2 Peaches
  • Kombucha


  1. Make an unflavoured standard kombucha using our recipe.
  2. Pour fermented kombucha into a container or jar with a lid.
  3. Wash and slice peaches into small portions.
  4. Add sliced peaches into your kombucha and firmly close the lid.
  5. Allow the kombucha to ferment for 5-7 days depending on your personal taste; the longer the fermenting period, the stronger the taste, as it allows for extra time to diffuse flavour.
  6. After fermentation, serve and enjoy!

Note: 2 Peaches is a recommended, however, can be added to for more flavour depending on personal taste/preference.

fresh peach kombucha recipe