Mango and Ginger Kombucha Recipe

Consider the rich taste of combining the sweetness of mango with the sharp taste of ginger.

Mango, this divine fruit, brings about warmth with its juicy flavour giving off summer vibes, yet the certain spice that comes with ginger can make this flavour really come to life.

We have established the various health benefits of kombucha but adding flavour through these two ingredients will definitely add to that as they come with health benefits of their own.

mango and ginger kombucha recipe

Mango and Ginger Kombucha Recipe


  • 1 Cup – Fresh or Frozen Mango
  • 1 Inch Piece – Fresh and Peeled Ginger
  • Optional: Kombucha with Chia Seeds – add 2 Tablespoons


  1. Cut the mango into small portions and grate the ginger to ensure smoothness when blending.
  2. Blend the two main ingredients together, mango and ginger, using a blender or food processor to make a puree. Ensure the mango is defrosted if frozen mango is in use.
  3. Transfer the puree into an ice cube tray to freeze until solid.
  4. Create a standard homemade kombucha following our recipe.
  5. After creating an unflavoured standard homemade kombucha, add two mango and ginger cubes worth a quarter cup, to a 32 oz (4 cups) container or jar.
  6. Close the lid tightly to allow it to ferment for 1-3 days depending on personal taste preferences. You may also want to add additional mango and ginger cubes for a stronger taste.
  7. If you have decided to use chia seeds with your kombucha, add the two tablespoons per 1 cup of kombucha when it’s done fermenting and mix well to ensure it doesn’t clump together.
  8. Keep any extra mango and ginger cubes frozen for your next batch.

kombucha recipe mango and ginger